Your plans… Your ideas… Your custom home…

Design Genie

Discover your Shuster custom dream home. Design and build with your plans, your ideas… and walk away with prints and pricing the very same day.

Let Shuster Homes be your guide with Design Genie; a unique tool that helps to take the mystery and delays out of designing your custom home.

The Design Genie process starts when we project your blue prints on a large display screen. The experience is interactive, dynamic and puts you in the designer’s chair. The architect will execute the changes you request. Include features like a custom side entrance, larger garage space, even relocated interior walls, while you watch the changes happen immediately on the interactive screen.

As the architect customizes your design, we will adjust your project budget. Best of all, you will leave the Design Genie session with full-size prints of your unique home, accurate pricing, and a sense that you’ve truly had a hand in the design and build of your new home. All of this before you sign a contract.